Alternating between Afghanistan and Romania, the story of a soldier intertwine with that of a wounded Afghan child, in a film that transposes the reality of war onto every-day images.

“Despite drawing on a variety of disparate devices spanning both documentary and fiction, which could easily result in something messy and overcomplicated, The Same Dream manages to pull all the elements together to make something that is subtly coherent with many layers that only gradually become apparent, yet still fit in with the overarching concept. Most importantly, it manages to draw attention to the dehumanising mechanisms of the military industrial complex while also maintaining a poetic and touching atmosphere.”

Zoe Aiano – East European Film Bulletin

The Same Dream, by Vlad Petri, is a chilling movie. And although it is closer to a short film, it manages to pack quite a punch in just 29 minutes.”

Marc Molas Carol – Modern times Review

Production year: 2021

Duration: 30 minutes

Director / Producer: Vlad Petri

Associate producer: Diana Păroiu

Sound design: Vlad Voinescu

Poster design: Paul Mureșan

Premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Other festivals: Zagreb Dox (Croatia), Transilvania (TIFF), Bucharest Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF), FeKK Ljubljana (Slovenia), Make Dox (North Macedonia), DokuBaku (Azerbaijan), One World Romania, Les Filmes de Cannes à Bucarest, Duhok IFF (Iraq)

Awards: Sarajevo FF – Special Mention & GOPO Award